Simplified Group Travel Planning

Boston Attractions Group is a partnership of organizations dedicated to group travel in Greater Boston. Boston Attractions Group proudly presents group leaders and tour planners with information on attractions in Boston and suggestions for itinerary planning through various marketing initiatives. Comprised of twenty-one attractions across Boston, Boston Attractions Group is able to help your group experience Boston the way it was meant to be.

The Hub

In an effort to assist groups in planning their visit to Boston, Boston Attractions Group acts as your portal to Boston travel. Check out our Sample Itinerary to see what a three day visit in Boston might look like, or leave us a message with any questions or requests you may have. Each partnering attraction works closely with one-another, and we make sure that you are given the best group rates that each attraction can offer, helping you keep both your itinerary and your budget tight.

You can find more information about each partnering attraction by visiting our attractions page, or selecting from the drop-down list above. Each attraction page provides the basic information your group will need as you plan your visit. For more information on our partnering attractions, please visit their websites by clicking on their respective logos.